Medicago truncatula de novo Assemblies Downloads

Detailed description of the data file is available from the readme file (updated 24 June 2016).

Medicago truncatula de novo Assemblies: Pre-Publication Release
Released 29 Apr 2015

We are providing this data pre-publication to facilitate other community research. However, in accordance with the Toronto Agreement, we reserve the right to be the first to publish a comparative genome-wide multi-accession analysis of the data we have generated. Further, the pre-publication data released here is embargoed for publication except for analyses of individual gene loci or small genomic regions (< 10 kb) for single or multiple accessions. Researchers are encouraged to contact us with queries about referencing or publishing analysis based on pre-publication data obtained via this website.

Gene annotation is not available for these assemblies. Please see the aforementioned readme file for further information or contact us if your questions are not answered here.
De_novo_assemblies_README.pdf 447 KB 2016-06-24
HM002-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 109 MB 2015-04-28
HM004-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 110 MB 2015-04-28
HM005-15May2015-release.fasta.gz 108 MB 2015-05-20
HM006-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 107 MB 2015-04-28
HM010-15May2015-release.fasta.gz 111 MB 2015-05-20
HM017-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 103 MB 2015-04-28
HM018a-3May2016-release.fasta.gz 109 MB 2016-06-24
HM020-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 110 MB 2015-04-28
HM022-15May2015-release.fasta.gz 104 MB 2015-05-20
HM023a-15May2015-release.fasta.gz 103 MB 2015-05-20
HM026-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 109 MB 2015-04-28
HM034-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 110 MB 2015-04-28
HM050-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 111 MB 2015-04-28
HM056-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 110 MB 2015-04-28
HM058-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 109 MB 2015-04-28
HM060-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 110 MB 2015-04-28
HM095-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 112 MB 2015-04-28
HM125-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 113 MB 2015-04-28
HM129-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 112 MB 2015-04-28
HM185-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 112 MB 2015-04-28
HM324-29Apr2015-release.fasta.gz 105 MB 2015-04-28
all-assemblies-24June2016-release.tgz 2 GB 2016-06-24

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